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hulunem neger tiche- hibist tiruneh
kemeshe metah- hibist tiruneh
memtatei ayqerim- hibist tiruneh
tetaltenal wey- hibist tiruneh
tizita- hibist tiruneh
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Posted by iwc ベルト on Thursday, 03.13.14 @ 06:37am | #110810

hi hebest i like your music it is so cool iam in atlanta right now if you are in atlanta can you please sponcer me a gitar i realy want to sing if you don't to buy for me please ask sombody for me it's not somthing jok but please i said please i love you hebest!! THANKYOU

Posted by eaden on Friday, 02.19.10 @ 16:24pm | #31769

wath up with amaric songs this days? i miss ethiopia i am in sioux falls sd.

Posted by hermela on Tuesday, 06.23.09 @ 07:18am | #24768

i love your music i love slow songs i love you so much

Posted by beka on Friday, 05.29.09 @ 17:13pm | #22457

Hibist I like your music very much spcialy the music you have played for your mam "emiyen Adera". You are very young & we are expecting to much work from you. good work. keep it up.

Posted by Damenaw on Friday, 05.22.09 @ 05:27am | #20721

please entertain my soul

Posted by yoeyo on Tuesday, 05.12.09 @ 23:43pm | #19966

I love your song very much next to you.

Posted by yared on Sunday, 03.29.09 @ 03:09am | #18361


Posted by yosef on Monday, 03.9.09 @ 13:01pm | #15834

ilike to lisen ur music specially afan oromoo.please would u invite me one from them.

Posted by Anchalu on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 05:48am | #15036

i like your music at all especially keep it up

Posted by wolye beketa on Tuesday, 01.27.09 @ 07:15am | #14921

i like ur music so much specially the priviouse album- its part of my life.

Posted by ssss on Friday, 12.26.08 @ 00:19am | #1517

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