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Adey- kahsay berhe
Asmara- kahsay berhe
Bnafikot- kahsay berhe
Bokri Fikrey- kahsay berhe
Gzie- kahsay berhe
Rahela- kahsay berhe
Sebey- kahsay berhe
Segen- kahsay berhe
ajoki kehalf eiu- kahsay berhe
aminey- kahsay berhe
fetye- kahsay berhe
fkri eiu zemedna- kahsay berhe
kezareb- kahsay berhe
lemlem das- kahsay berhe
liloy- kahsay berhe
mamukley- kahsay berhe
natkaye beli- kahsay berhe
sawa- kahsay berhe
sembeli- kahsay berhe
tezta asmarino- kahsay berhe
wezamey- kahsay berhe
yismianilo- kahsay berhe
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Edme neaka yikun kubur hawna KAHSAI.Derftatka blen aynina kedidu hluf tezekro ena azekere yeberabrena alo emo ajoka hji wn key selkeka dekime key belka kabti tum gororoka wes ktblena btesfa ntsbeyeka ok, ajoka

Posted by WELDIT on Monday, 05.23.11 @ 12:24pm | #32060

Cool Eritrean music videos by Kahsai berhe.
Ayroblaney - Kahsai berhe, entayleyo eritrean music video- kahsay berhe, rahela music video- kahsai berhe, adeya adey - kahsay berhe, seguma keyda eya (segen) - kahsai berhe, sawa - kahsay berhe, timali - kahsai berhe, shidaye shida Eritrean music video- kahsay berhe, nabrana Eritrean music videos- Kahsai berhe, kemslekiye Eritrean music videos- kahsay berhe, Asmerana Eritrean music video - kahsay berhe.
keep it up kahsay berhe.
Your Admirer yemane

Posted by Yemane on Saturday, 07.17.10 @ 17:26pm | #31801

i like kahasay berhe

Posted by tekle on Friday, 01.1.10 @ 06:17am | #31760

This web page is dedicated to kahsay berhe

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