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asbey wuludey- mamit negash
ethiopia hagerey- mamit negash
ftiwtew- mamit negash
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No word to express your appreciation Mamiye Adenkishalehu

Posted by Aregawi Gidey on Thursday, 10.28.10 @ 07:26am | #31877

I'm really happy and excited by the songs of Mamit. She is really one of the brave and resposible women patriots our country Ethiopia. As you said our country is our treasure and pride, you are also one of our brave sisters of "DEKI TSINAT"of whom we proud of as loyal and brave TEGADLIT. I always wait to hear your beautiful sound singing with fruitful words which makes us love our country Ethipia. So, go ahead, you are lovely, and we love you and all your songs are good, nothing to be thrown out. Wtih best wishes and long life, your brother from EUROPE.

Posted by Girmay on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 14:46pm | #31732

Thank you for this web site service since it ours especially who meditate and proud of the artists you present here.

Posted by niguse on Friday, 09.25.09 @ 09:14am | #31725

Dearest and beloved Tegadalit Mamit Negash, may this Ethiopian New Year fill you with all happines and full health with all your family and friends. Your are my best and first choice from tigringna artists and I appreciate you with all your collegues Birhane Gano, Mulu Wahid, Girmay Hailesilasie.....So, I remmend you to go on where you are since we have many momories of you since your first years of hardship stuggle time for peace,justice and democracy...I have an image and memory of you sice you made me to cry in your song of "Abeshay" Nigerinindo Halefay..
So, don't ignore those songs but refresh it and put it for us as treasure. Birhane, you organised very good song for our patriots which says Aykalkun Abuni Akilay....excellent go ahead doing like that. You are our history on which we are proud of it.
your brother Niguse

Posted by Niguse on Friday, 09.25.09 @ 09:05am | #31724


Posted by yirga on Monday, 01.12.09 @ 01:26am | #13779

This web page is dedicated to mamit negash

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