If You love me Marry me.

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I am a Virgin

I am tired of being a Virgin

Welcome to the V (Virgins) Zone

This page is dedicated to people who believe that virginity is purity. Well as we all know nothing is created for "no reason", so if we can't help keeping our virginity, let's stop discouraging virgins by denying its importance with base less arguments simply because we know how cheap we felt the time we lost it.

The V zone is for people who strongly opposes sex before marriage for a religious or non-religious reasons. Virginity is the key for building a healthy, loyal, happy and strong family. It is a cure for STD, HIV and cheating. Put the ring to tie your relationship and save it from breakage. If You love me Marry me.

what is virginty?

A virgin (or maiden) is, originally, a woman who has never had sexual intercourse. Virginity is the state of being a virgin.(Source:Wikipedia the free encyclpedia)

Is virginity important?

Sure. The importance of virginity is not negotiable, because the answer is in the question itself. Why do we need to ask if it wasn't. Why do non virgins pretend as a virgin? Listen to the following two parts video explanation of virginity by a young 21 years old grown woman's advice:

That is not all, if you want to know how girls who lost their virginity before marriage feel, check out the following video.

If you want to know religious explanation of virginty, Click here